What are my options?

License is as follows

AB limited
PSC lifeboat men

I do not have the able seafarer deck so are tugs my only option? I am in Pasadena Texas and did work security at a dock and talked to the tug guys and they said it was so bad that no one is hiring any one. Told me they do work 4/4 but I saw on these forums that some places do 14/14 and if that is the case i would travel out of state but not sure how to go about looking for tug jobs out of state.

Not having ASD is really limiting me but I was wondering if you were me how you would go about this.

Can i work cruise lines with out ASD? Or are tugs my only option? I do not mind working on tugs just want to know if that is all i can work.

When you say “able seafarer deck”, are you referring to the able seaman unlimited?


The short of it is that is a new endorsement if you will that started in 2017 I need 2 things to get it.

*365 days offsore

already called the NMC just taking a class will not get me the endorsement.

SIU, Otto Candies and some of the other big names that I have called all say they will not hire anyone with out AS-D endorsement. that is why i am asking if i am limited to just tugs.

OK I got it. Well has all your service been on ‘rivers’ or has any of it been ‘inland’ or coastal service?

Navy time back in 2005

What type of job are you looking to get? What positions have you applied for so far? Work is tight but you could probably find something. With how tight it is you might have to start from the very very bottom.

I would try to see just how the actual Navy sea time can be used, but it may depend on your position/duties during that time. The AB-Deck you speak of looks to be a new STCW endorsement. Those will by and large be required on most any ocean going vessel. Perhaps try offshore drilling or production platforms as well to keep work flowing your way, but indeed your current license it’s going to be limited mostly to towing vessels on the rivers.

You should get your information from the source:

You should be good on sea time, but need RFPNW, see section 2.b. of Enclosure (1) of the NVIC in the link above. For RFPNW you probably have the sea time but will need the assessments. If you did the Helmsman/Lookout PQS in the Navy you should be good on that also.

I got a Job offer from Ess Gulf its catering working inside the ship or rig cleaning rooms or working down in the galley. Pay is low but I live rent free so I took the job.

Maybe i will try the AB thing in a few years after it picks up.

Thanks guys.

Good move. Quietly do a very good job. Participate cheerfully in drills and show that you know what to do. Get all the free training that you can. Eventually, someone will notice that you are a good worker that already has AB, then you’ll be on the way up.