What a boat is

[I]“Wherever we want to go, we go. That’s what a ship is, you know. It’s not just a keel and a hull and sails; that’s what a ship needs. Not what a ship is. What the Black Pearl really is, is freedom.”[/I] -Jack Sparrow


What is your guy’s thoughts on this?

It’s a quote from a movie.

A boat is a recreational vessel or a working vessel. Guess you could count houseboats as a home also.

After thinking I guess the Rec. Vessel could fall under that…

My boat is so much more than that, mine is like a savings account that is managed by a 21 year old girl with a shopping addiction. Every time I go home I put money into it and never see it again…

Ahhh, boat ownership…

Being a commercial fisherman a boat is nothing more then a hole in the water that you throw money into,whether it be salmon or repairs

Freedom? Maybe if it was my boat and I could go where I wanted without having to worry about money. In most of our cases I would think the boats we work on are more like floating prisons at least until we get our parole for a few weeks.

Wouldn’t a pirate ship be more if a recreational vessel than a work boat?

[QUOTE=Capt. Phoenix;183795]Wouldn’t a pirate ship be more if a recreational vessel than a work boat?[/QUOTE]
I’d say mainly recreational. The work comes in when financing is required to go forward with more shenanigans.