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Every day, not everyday.

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Oxford English, not American English?.

It doesn’t matter. The correct use there would be two words, “every day”. The link you provided doesn’t prove otherwise.

I can understand American English but I will continue to use what I was taught.
I was on a liner trade from Australasian ports to Europe via Cape Horn. We used to impress on the crew that they would be in the open lifeboats for a while if anything happened to the ship.

Looking up the difference I found:

  • Everyday is an adjective we use to describe something that’s seen or used every day. It means “ordinary” or “typical.”
  • Every day is a phrase that simply means “each day.”
  1. according to your own source everyday is an adjective so it’s only used to describe a noun.

  2. If you look up “every” in that same source it will show you that “every day” means something different.

Cambridge does a better job of describing the difference though:


Whoa!! I didn’t expect this to turn into a major controversy. Whoever is behind the FB channel “Weird Facts” probably didn’t know it could cause a controversy either.

Apparently this is not a new subject of debate:

Instead of arguing that the meme was correct you could have just said “I didn’t make the meme”…

I forgot a ? (now corrected) that’s all.

Weird Fact: Every day a grammar Nazi corrects someone’s everyday grammar!


Wow! Very petty convo.

Battleship Island: