Washington State Ferries & privatization?

There seems to be a lot of rumors regarding the WSF system and whether or not it will become privatized, due to the amount of money the state is having to give them to keep them running. Anyone have any further insight into this???

Might just be happening. Here’s a story about this from MarineLog.com

Of course, this is going to be vehemently opposed by the unions that represent Ferry System workers. I am sure every one of us here has heard the stories!

Not only do the unions oppose the state disowning WSF, most of the legislature is opposed as are all the communities affected. There is no way Gregoire’s plan will happen in my opinion. It’s an abdication of the state’s commitment to ferry-served communities which was made when they took over the ferry routes originally.

The incredible thing about this idea, is that the State took the ferries over way back when, to allow the system to continue. The private operators weren’t making it, and the system was deemed a Public Necessity. Kind of like Amtrack.

Passenger vessel operations (well, VESSEL Operations) often don’t make money consistently enough to remain in business. Alaska Sightseeing/Cruise West anyone?

My son sent me a job posting by DOT for WSF Port Captain. Check the Maritime Employment thread sticky. If the State is advertising for a Port Captain I would think they plan on keeping it for the time being.

The governor’s plan was dead on arrival to the transportation committee. The votes are not there. If anyone is interested in the port captain job feel free to contact me if you have any WSF questions.