Was scrubbers a step in the wrong direction?

It appear that scrubbers have moved a problem of SOX, NOX and particle pollution of the air to a problem of pollution of the waters ships sail in:

Does this apply only to Open Loop Scrubbers, or are there also problems created by Closed Loop Scrubbers?? (Different, but yet a problem)

Predictably there were a counter from CA within a day:

Unless particulates are captured and offloaded for disposal ashore, doesn’t everything leaving the stack end up in the water anyway? Maybe some of the airborne pollutants take a while to get washed down by rain but eventually they will end up in the sea.

Apparently it is the concentration that is the problem, Scrubber was water from a few ships scattered across the oceans is OK (somewhat) but when a lot of ships discharge into the same narrow body of water it becomes a problem.

Scrubbers remove more than just particle pollution, they are also removing large amount of SOX and NOX from the exhaust gas. (That is their primer purpose and reason for installing)

The scrubbers or “exhaust gas cleaning systems” currently in use remove particulates and sulfur compounds, they do not remove NOx.

NOx reduction requires an entirely different chemical process and catalytic devices. NOx reduction is regulated by IMO under the NOx Technical Code.