War in Gaza affects Western business in Muslim countries

It is not only shipping that gets affected by the war in Gaza:

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Indonesia has the biggest Muslim population of any country, but as far as I can tell, they have taken in very few Palestinians. Indonesia is so big that they wouldn’t even notice a million Palestinian refugees. Apparently, Indonesia thinks that zero Palestinians is enough.

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“… perceived pro-Israel stance on Gaza”

What is this “perceived” garbage? It is American bombs and bulldozers leveling Palestinian homes and orchards and American bullets murdering journalists who saw something they shouldn’t have seen.

Just like we have done since 1948 we back the wrong side and pretend good things will come of it. The only “good” is war profits. This is not going to end well for America.

During the Six-Day War in 1973 Arab oil producers placed an embargo on nations supporting Israel. Oil prices quadrupled. This set off inflation in Western countries, worse than the present bout. Britain was hurt even more than the USA. It was a huge deal in the 1970s and early 1980s.

The humiliation of the West drove a lot of people to try to find ways to make the USA self-sufficient in energy, rather than kowtow to foreign nations. We’re part of the way there, but not all the way.

The US is now the World’s largest oil producer at 13+ million barrels per day, and growing. This is more than any other nation has ever produced. US oil consumption is about 20+ million barrels a day, and growing.

The US gets most its oil imports from: Canada (52%), Mexico (10%), Saudi Arabia (7%), Iraq, Colombia, and others.

The Environmentalists have been allowed to put an embargo on clean domestic natural gas distribution pipelines, so the US is now the World’s largest natural gas exporter. Certain areas of the US must import foreign gas for lack of gas pipelines. The US probably has enough domestic natural gas reserves to meet all of its energy needs for 100 years).

The US produces more oil and gas than it’s needs, making it a net energy exporter.

Roughly 60% of US electricity comes from fossil fuels, 18% from nuclear and 21% from renewables (wind and hydro).


Lots of refugees, incl. Palestinians, have arrived in Indonesia over the years,
Remember the exodus from Vietnam in the late 1970s? (I do, I was in the middle of it)
Most of them move on to “greener pastures”. (either legally of illegally)

At present it is Rohingyas from Myanmar that arrive in North Sumatra by the thousands a year.
Like nearly everywhere else, it is not always popular with the local authorities and population:

This may not get much coverage in mainstream US media, but the fact can be found by those who are looking a bit wider and with an open mind.

Indonesia is a polular intermediate stop on the way to Australia.

luckily they stage them in camps ( in other countrys) and the guards are cannibals, cheap security