Want to be a Captain for a couple of days?

A contractor for Colonna’s shipyard in Norfolk VA is looking for someone with a 1600 ton Master’s license to sea trial a U.S. Army LCU-2000. Sea trial is expected to take place on the 13th and the 14th of April. The ship is expected to return to the shipyard each evening. It is unlikely that it will go as far as Cape Henry. If you are interested, private message me through gCaptain and I will give you the contact information. Properly qualified and credentialed professionals only please.

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Having just been given the option of working for free, voluntary redundancy or compulsory redundancy I would jump at the chance.
Unfortunately, travel from the UK may be a bit problematic.

Seago: just joined, don’t have the ability to PM.

Please contact me about this, I have license, twic, etc. and am interested. Retired USN O-6, Domer, ‘85.