Wait time for credentials


"The information you entered does not match the records in our database. There are numerous reasons why this may have occurred and does not necessarily mean that there is trouble with your application. We request that you contact the National Maritime Center at iasknmc@uscg.mil or 1-888-IASKNMC "




Anyone else use the direct email submission to NMC for their medical? Submitted mine on Saturday and still haven’t received the “received application” email that’s supposed to be sent same day (didn’t figure it’d process over the weekend, but 4 days??). NMC said be patient, but I’m curious if anyone else has had issues with submitting their 719Ks by email?


How do I direct submit a medical application to NMC by email?




Apparently you should put your ref# in the subject line too, but you have to search the FAQ to find that factoid.


What’s everyone seeing in turn around times in 2018? From applying to testing to receiving the new MMC in the mail?

Just curious when I can expect to see my new license in the mail.


Sent my app in using the email that I found online around February. I used


Got the received email the following day. 7 day turn around including weekends and a holiday on Monday.


Last name, first name, middle initial, reference number in the subject line. Had no problems doing my medical


That’s only for medical certificate applications sent directly to NMC. Medical is processed faster than renewing an MMC or adding an endorsement to an MMC. Also, only medical renewals can go direct to NMC. Everything else still goes to an REC.


Just sent mine in using the medaip@uscg.mil email (as seen on a screenshot posted above). Either address is ok?


After chatting with NMC, they’ve received mine, but I still haven’t gotten the “processing” email. I’ll check back again on Monday if I still haven’t gotten any official confirmation, but at least I was able to confirm the “medaip@uscg.mil” on the website does at least get it to the right place.


I will soon be renewing my medical certificate and if its like the last time ( which involved renewing my credential as well ) then the updates are few and far between. Even without the updates, the process was very quick. I thought of it as the NMC saving time in their own way (maybe the process is updated per day?) To avoid unnecessary delays.


Hey all, thought I would chime in considering I used gCaptain(as well as the NMC website) to monitor turnaround times. All in all it took 2 weeks(or 10 business days) between submitting my application packet and receiving my credential in hand. This includes the actual MMC application as well as my Medical Certificate.

  1. April 9th. REC Portland Received MMC Application and Medical Certificate Application. Regional Examination Center “PORTLAND” has received your application and has forwarded it to the NMC for evaluation.

Now after this email, its usually a 2-3 days for the NMC to update their status as being received and awaiting screening.

  1. April 16th. Your application has cleared the safety and suitability vetting and medical screening/evaluation processes (if required) and is currently awaiting a professional qualification evaluation. Same day I also received: Your application is being screened by the Medical Evaluation Division of the NMC. This screening process is performed in order to ensure your USCG 719K Merchant Mariner Physical Examination Form has been completed appropriately and contains enough information for us to begin your full Medical Evaluation. During this process, you and/or your physician may be requested to submit information missing from or to clarify medical information noted on the physical examination.

  2. April 19th.Medical Certificate: Your application has completed the evaluation process and is approved for issuance. You should receive notification within 1 business day indicating that the credential was issued.
    MMC Application: Your application is being evaluated for professional qualifications.
    Medical Certificate(3 hrs after first email) Your credential has been issued and mailed via first class USPS, unless otherwise requested.

  3. April 20th. MMC Application: I received about 6 emails this day, with international endorsements being screened and evaluated, and my domestic being screened and evaluated. Around 0900 all were complete and it was issued and mailed.

  4. April 23rd. My medical certificate and MMC were mailed a day apart, but I ended up receiving both on Monday.

To note, the NMC website updated regularly 1 day after I received the relevant email. Hence the “Updated Daily” aspect of the website.

14 Days. Pretty good good considering the average time is 30+. That being said I was applying for original issuance of an OUPV and AB Special, with all relevant endorsements(BST, Advanced Fire, Tankerman, Lifeboatman, RFPNW.)

I filled all my CG-719’s via Adobe Reader so they were all typed, standard CG Physical at an Occupational Doctor here local to PDX, and spent extra to get a drug test package mailed to me(had all relevant chain of custody info, etc) and had all relevant license, rating, and endorsement information on my application, as well as making sure my certificates were all in order, Copy of my TWIC card and relevant ID’s, First Aid/CPR recency. I easily made sure no stone was unturned.

PS. I highly recommend going down to the local REC over emailing. Literally takes them 10min tops to have them fax the entire application packet and certificates. I left 1 box unfilled on my CG-719K that the REC person saw as he was checking each box. Probably saved me some hassle.


“The delays at NMC are NOT caused by them doing a good consistent job. The delays are caused by incompetent staff with no maritime knowledge or experience that are too isolated in the mountains of West Virginia from maritime expertise and experience”

I agree but how can we fix this? I’ve dogged the NMC and USCG for a while and never got anywhere with it. Jdcavo, can we get some mariners in there? Maybe let people work remotely, whatever it takes. I’m doing a simple upgrade and it’s been with a qualified assessor for a week, and no offense half the people on this forum would be able to approve/deny it within half an hour. We need to do better, it’s the mariners that suffer.


Mariners are free to apply for evaluator jobs, none of us will work for that level pay. They had a hard time finding applicants for GS-14 jobs that required a senior officer license recently and those paid rather well.


I’d be willing to do it part time from home as an independent contractor. I’ll bill hourly (honestly) because that’s actually something I’d find interesting to do. I’m just not willing to move for it or have it be my sole career.


I think the NMC has to take that into consideration. I would do it as well.


I hadn’t heard back from the NMC/REC in a few days since I sent off my upgrade. I called them and asked where it stood " Oh sir, its been sent off to West VA. Me: "Oh that’s great, usually I get email updates when that happens. NMC "You didn’t provide an email in the application. Me: “Riiiight, considering I EMAILED it to you, you have my email!” - They were correct, I did not in fact provide my email in the application even though I submitted it electronically through email. I still immediately thought, Only at the NMC, would they not put 2 and 2 together. Also, I used an electronic signature on my drug test and they rejected it, you have to actually sign it…I’ve used an electronic signature for a damn mortgage before, but NMC wont accept it so make sure you sign it by hand, NMC suggests using an old fashioned quiver tip feather pen, just like Ben Franklin signing the Declaration of Independence. Just 2 tidbits from my recent (well going on 3 weeks now) upgrade.


I just want them to fix the email and application tracking. I get the error messages every time and this problem has been going on for a long time- and it’s hardly just me encountering it. I don’t get email updates beyond initial receipt either. They have my email. It’s on the application, for crissakes. What’s the problem NMC??

In this case this is for an upgrade. I sent almost 400 days for an upgrade to 2A/E but as we all know they have their own unique ways of “counting,” so if I there is a problem I would like to know sooner than later.

Like I said- fix this shit! You have a fancy upgraded website and a critical function still doesn’t work.