I have heard VSO is going to be mandatory for all with Masters license. Does anyone know if this is true and if so when

I have not heard that one.

I believe it is only mandatory if you are filling the position of VSO on your vessel. From what I’ve heard, most [B]companies[/B] are requiring their Masters and relief captains to have the endorsement since they are the ones typically filling that position.

it is my understanding if your are master of a vessel that is operating under the STCW convention then you are required to have the endorsement STCW code VI/5 and the capacity/limitation notation “vessel security officer” on your MMC…this has been ongoing for about a year now…there is further information concerning this on the USCG NMC Homeport Missions sight!!

It is a requirement, no doubt, while in that capacity. Being Master and responsible for that capacity, weather you are the VSO or not, I can’t see not having it. Considering all of the other classes and certifications to be master, VSO is a drop-in-the-bucket, and see no personal reason not to have it. At this point, I’m sure most have got this endorsement as a deck officer, no matter what rating. I certainly suggest it. It’s just a matter of time before you need it. As a matter of being required to be issued a Master’s license, from NMC, there is none.

You pnly need the endorsement if you are serving as the VSO. You can get the Master officer endorsement (license) without VSO, although you may be unable to use it unless you get VSO.