Voyage planning using Navionics Charts, iNavX software on an Ipad

[QUOTE=Kennebec Captain;91407]Last voyage a crewmember had an Ipad loaded with iNavX software and Navionics charts. He had world-wide chart coverage. The cost of the software was about $50, the charts were a total of $500.

Anyone had any experience with this?[/QUOTE]

I’ve used this now for a couple trips. INavX supports TCP/IP, I receive nav info on the I Pad via WIFI from a feed off the AIS to a wireless router. Mostly I keep it on my desk in my office. The amount of information available is a big improvement over previous.(Lat Long C&S only)

I use it a lot, keeping an eye on things and planning.

A couple things about INavX:

It will not allow scrolling over Long 180 which is annoying. The track distance is correct but track line goes to the 180 then round the other way.

No rhumb lines, Great Circle only. Not really an issue for me. On short legs very little difference and on long legs I can don’t really need exact nav info in my office.

Entering waypoints on the screen is easy but the coordinates are to three decimal places. Entering by number is a bit of a pain, for some reason you can’t use a keyboard (I have a ZAGG) but instead you have to scroll thorough the numbers. Literally a pain in the wrist. There may be another way but I don’t know what it is.

Overall it’s been well worth it. Great planning aid. Nice to keep an eye on things without having to make trips to the wheelhouse.