If anyone is familiar with iNavX AIS, what is your opinion of it? I can’t find much specific information about this app released last May.

Not a fan. It does AIS, but the overall app is awkward and feels like it is really old code. I found it easy to get “stuck” somewhere I did not want to be and having to restart it.
Navionics is far superior as an i-Thing app, but the AIS portion of it is crap.
I deleted Navionics and iNavX and moved to AquaMap. It has good AIS functionality and even better, can overlay current survey data. I would try that.


Another Aqua Map fan here!

I-sailor. Used it at work and for pleasure.

I’ve been using SeaIQ for years on iPhones, iPads, and MacOS. $5 for US waters w/ free NOAA charts. Great integration w/ AIS from either local or internet-over-celluar sources.

Thanks all for your responses. @yacht_sailor - what do you mean by current survey data?

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It has a feature you can turn on where the older the data is, the more transparent it is.
The USACE districts, distributed in the whole USA, are in charge of regularly survey the inland navigation channels system. Especially in those areas where the bottom changes frequently due to the precipitations or due to a storm, USACE performs a depth survey and publish it as soon as possible to inform about the status of the navigation channel.

This service objective is to inform as soon as possible the captain about the new survey data. The survey overlaid on the official map permits a better evaluation to properly plan the route in risky areas.

The USACE Survey data is composed by a set of depth areas displayed with highlight colors from dark red (very dangerous, usually below 3 feet) to blue (safe above 15 feet) and spot soundings.

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That’s a very useful feature. Am I correct in assuming that by clicking on the i button on the tag that it will pull up the survey date?

I am not sure about that, but you can elect to display data 1 year old or newer, 2 years or newer, or 3 years old and newer.
EDIT - I just popped it up on my phone,. I see the exact date of the survey.

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More info:

Has anyone experience using an app for inland river navigation? I used Navionics in the past but the newest version struggles. Ideally an app could use free USACE river charts but I have not had luck with this.