Voyage by autonomous tug

Interesting to see what tickets are required of the people sat in the car park in the US.

She is now nearly half way around Denmark. (just off Frederikshavn at the moment:

PS> First time I have seen mentioned the fact that the Nellie Bly is actually Russian registered.

Great to see their progress! Kudos to Sea Machines and that group. Trail blazers.

The Nelly Bly has now reached Hamburg:
After a successful autonomous low carbon emission trip around Denmark:
Sea Machines uses biofuel to power tug Nellie Bly on long-haul autonomous journey

An amazing feat by an American company using this Dutch built tug, registered as a pleasure craft under Russian flag, with a team of U.S. Coast Guard-licensed officers commanding the operations from a control room in Boston – a station located more than 3,600 miles away - to demonstrate and prove their technology.