VLCS Ever Given in Shipyard / Drydock

I still wonder what caused the hull damages? Sudden heavy weather (a gust of wind), crew error, pilots fault, etc?

While you wonder the Ever Given is rejoicing about getting back in service and having cargo to carry:

PS> Obviously it was a Swedish Jultomte on holiday in Sinai that distracted them:

Just because it is nice and warm doesn’t mean you have to get naked and dance in the sand.

Thanks for the link. It seems " The multi-million dollar legal fallout from the six-day blockage that the Ever Given caused across the Suez Canal in late March continues." Somebody is after the owner of the ship, that was bareboat chartered to an operator using his own crew.
Maybe we will then find out why EG increased speed 50% and turned port and rammed the canal bottom/side. I have been to Suez many times drydocking ferries at the yard at the canal entrance and used to watch the ships entering and leaving the canal … at slow speed. I cannot understand why anyone increases speed to >13 knots, turns hard starboard and rans aground.in the canal. Do you?

Just to make you wonder.

Just now, with boxes from Qingdao, Yangshan, Ningbo, Taipei, Yantian and Tanjung Pelepas onboard, ‘Ever Given’ passed the Suez Canal, northbound to Rotterdam.

It was her first commercial transit, after having blocked the Canal on March 23, 2021.
A dedicated tug followed her closely…

DB in FPK ?

That’s a new one ….