Virginia Employment

Anyone know of any companies in Norfolk VA or surrounding areas for sure hiring ordinary seamen right now?

I know Moran is short handed right now but I’m not sure if they’re hiring. Mcallister had a couple of openings as well as precon. Why stick around Norfolk?

Kenny W, I heard from one of the Captains at Moran that they are short handed over there but they are not hiring. They said there is a possibility of some layoffs because things are so slow.

Not saying anything against you, but I left Moran in November and it was anything but slow. Unless the port of Virginia has slowed over all, they were anything but not busy. I find it hard to believe they need lay offs, ESP given how low the pay is…

Well he has been with Moran for awhile and has no reason to BS me. He said every tug company around is slow and some have already laid off (Dann Marine, Vane Brothers) and more about to lay off (express marine). He said with as slow as things are in Hampton Roads he didn’t think it would be to long.

?? Im not asking, the op is. I already have a job on the other red tugboats.

Things aren’t all that slow here its not particularly busy but not too slow. There’s lots of coal work going on for us and Moran. The container ships come in bursts. For us the weekends and Monday’s are busy for Moran it seems to be Wednesday through Friday.

The last I have heard is Vane Bros, Dann Marine, and Express have laid guys off. We just keep hoping that the coal work keeps us busy enough to stay in a job.

Vane, Dann and Express all handle barges as well. Moran Norfolk is only ship assist. I don’t see how you can compare the 2 lines of wok. I haven’t read of work slowing down in Virginia but I haven’t been keeping up with it that much. As long as NS keeps bringing up ships, Moran will never go broke

Just got hired at intracoastal today. Any word on them?

If you like to work 3-4 weeks at a time and only take a few days off they are great.

They normally go up and down the bay and to Philly now and then. I think the pay is on the low end of the scale, but I would say its a good place to start.

Ha, I saw that from far off, with Vane Brothers building up so fast. Bright blazing start only to go burn out right quick.

From what I understand, they were building up because they had a good contract with the oil refineries in delaware plus they started getting some other odd and end contracts that was allowing them to expand. When the 2 oil refineries closed, they lost their bread and butter contracts which was the bulk of their work. I hated to hear it because I have some friends that were laid off because of it.

It all boils down to the current administration in Washington. The EPA closed the two refineries, that’s why Vane laid off. The EPA cut back on coal burning power plants, that’s why Dann laid off and why Express is very slow and about to lay off. It’s a damn shame that in the current economy that the president cares more about his green energy than keeping people employed and energy cost at a minimum.