Video of tanker in port during 2011 Japanese Tsunami

Apologies if this was posted before i just found it tonight. I’ve seen lots of videos of the Japanese tsunami from March 2011, but never saw one from the vessel side perspective while in port.

Looks like a tanker, docked, and connected to chicksan’s when the currents in the port start going crazy. Quality isn’t great, and the first 5mins are a bit boring, but it sure gets interesting later on.


I think it got a bit interesting before the ten minute mark.

Misread the timestamp. oops

A number of years ago I was talking to a pilot at Chennai about the 26th of December 2004 Tsunami.
Evidence of the damage was still evident with channel markers missing and deep scouring between the breakwaters. One ship managed to make it out , the rest broke their lines and their ground tackle fouled each other. This caused a fair bit of damage as the ships made contact with each other.
The tsunami waves came over the top of the breakwater and the current outward between the breakwater reaching an estimated 45 knots.

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there was a lot happening there, i fast fwd. thru a lot of it. never got what the big claw thing was that appeared about to ‘bite’ into the port side … pretty messed up !

Would be interesting to play that one again on simulator. See how many manage to get out! :thinking:

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