Veteran ships of the world

A lot of small ferry boats served as the main means of transport to many islands and villages in the fjords back in them days. Here is a typical representative of those vessels:

M/B “Brattvåg” was delivered in the autumn of 1940 and pulled and ran regularly to the city until the mid-fifties. 180 hp Rubb (later Wichmann). PHOTO: FACSIMILE FROM “SOGA ÅT L/L HILDRESTRANDI”

Source: Søndagsturar og samliv -


Anybody here know any more about her Caribbean adventure?

The D/S Eira that was mentioned in the post above ( “Eira” was shot at by allied aircraft at Hestøya):

D/S “Eira” as it looked in 1936. On 24 October 1944, 16 people lost their lives in the allied attack at Hestøya in Haram.

Source: 16 drept i britisk flyangrep på rutebåt -

The Harlingen based museum tug HOLLAND participated in the World Harbour days 2023 held last weekend in the port of Rotterdam.
Photo: Cees Kloppenburg Maritime photo Maassluis ©

Another veteran tug, but this one ashore as a static display:

The 700 hp (1 Voith-Schneider-Propeller) tug STIER completed in 1954 by Jadewerft GmbH, Wilhelmshaven for Norddeutscher Lloyd A.G., the STIER was granted to the “Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum, Bremerhaven” in 1977 where she was placed in the entrance area on land. Photo : Daniel Ferro (c)

The Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP) is a specialized marine propulsion system (MPS) manufactured by the Voith Group based on a cyclorotor design. It is highly maneuverable, being able to change the direction of its thrust almost instantaneously. It is widely used on tugs and ferries

80 years old Liberty ship SS JEREMIAH O’BRIEN in dry dock at Vallejo, CA
Photo: Peter Ouborg ©

Source: Ships of the World (Built before 1980) | Facebook

M/S Prinsesse Ragnhild:

Source: Ships of the World (Built before 1980) | Facebook

Spotlight on USACE’s hopper dredger Wheeler:

The WHEELER, which normally docks at the U.S Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District headquarter, is heading up the Mississippi River to conduct engine testing, such as pulling away from the dock and proceeding slightly up and down river for various engine loading scenarios.The Wheeler is a Large Class trailing suction hopper dredge whose main purpose is to remove shoaling from the bottom of navigation channels to maintain reliable channel depth for deep draft navigation. The dredger keeps waterway channels clear from Key West, Florida, to Brownsville, Texas. Although the dredge is maintained in a state of readiness for worldwide operations, it spends the majority of its time operating in the Southwest Pass of the Mississippi River, dealing with shoaling problems that occur during high and low water. On a good operating day, the Wheeler can remove 100,000 cubic yards of material, or about 7,000 dump truck loads, from a project site.
Source: Dredging Today

A replica on a traditional India “stitched ship” from centuries ago will soon sail on the old trade routes in the Indian Ocean:

The “Nordstjernen” on its way to Tromsø this afternoon after finishing the season in Svalbard:

She done hang about, although she has reached the age of 57:
“Nordstjernen” north of Tromsøysundet tonight with passengers bound for Lyngenfjorden:

Nordstjernen by Asimut

Former fishing trawler, “GULLBORG”. Built in 1946 at the Nyborg shipyard in Denmark. Now located at the Reykjavik Maritime Museum, Iceland.
Photo: Eileen Hayes (c)

The former Norwegian gunboat «TYR» built 1887 lays now at Bredalsholmen Dokk og Fartøyvernsenter in Kristiansand, Norway. Wating for the decision, what will be done with her?Restored or scrapped? Had a life as gunboat, minelayer, heavy lift ship, car ferry as “Bjørn west”, transport ship and storage for fish farms. Picture taken Bredalsholmen Dokk og Fartøyvernsenter.
Photo: Torstein (c) see also Bredalsholmen Dokk og Fartøyvernsenter

Her history:

Tyr in 1940. This is what Tyr looked like in 1940, when the dramatic battles took place. In 1947, Bergens Tidende quoted Rolf Scheen’s book “Norges sjøkrig,” in which Tyr was referred to as “Europe’s horror”.

PS> The other veteran ships seen at Bredalsholmen is:
The former Light house tender “Gamle Oksøy”:

And “D/S Hestmanden”: