Vessel on fire, drifting in Med Update abandoned, 12 crew rescued

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A strange vessel; as strange as the river-tanker ‘Lady Sandra’ broken in two near Malta two weeks ago.
‘Bellatrix’, a river/coastal general cargo oldie, is Bolivia flagged, before Russia Cambodia, Togo.
The saved 12 crew seem to be all Russians.

She arrived from the Kerch Strait, between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, or between Russia and the former Ukrainian Crimea; stopped at Istanbul and went to Libya. She was seen 28 NM off Libya by MarineTraffic on April 2; with destination Samsun on the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

The last position from VesselFinder was 11 NM SE off Sicily, April 6.

Russia and Turkey are fueling the Libyan civil war with weapons, which may be a pure coincidence…

Shit never ends. Can we get through 1 daggone week without an episode?