Venezuela Resorts To Importing Gasoline

No debate here. Business as usual.

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He wasn’t a “real socialist”, he just campaigned and governed as one. :rofl:



See, you must not have played the Uno card game as a kid & not familiar with the Reverse card. Once the Reverse card gets thrown down the direction of things flip 180 degrees. When Hugo Chavez was making fun of W. Bush in the UN & robbing oil from his nation & international investors to give to his political supporters & to promote his socialist agenda Joseph Kennedy, John Kerry & millions of other socialists in the US thought Chavez was a revolutionary doing a hard job that needed to be done. Since Venezuela is about to enter the boneyard with several other failed socialist nations & BOOM!!! REVERSE CARD BITCHES!!! Chaves was never a socialist. Democrats & socialists never really supported him. You need to learn the rules to not be surprised by how the game is played Bayrunner.

Only time for two links below but many Democrats used to sing songs of praise for socialist Venezuela if you want to dig for it.

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There are 14 countries in South America, with the exception of the three major oil producing countries most North Americans couldn’t care less and know little about the politics of the other eleven countries. Wonder why that is?

I hate to tell you but “most” Americans are kind of dumb & not only are they unfamiliar with South America politics they don’t know about US politics either. Do you remember the skits when Jay Leno would give quizzes to pedestrians? I don’t think the people who fall into that category find entertainment from gcaptain forum & wouldn’t be reading this or any other thread here.

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Most do not understand South Amercan politics, including myself. Shoot, I continue to scratch my head on our own government by both parties. Many citizens care more about how much it costs to fill their tank,no matter how it came about.


It’s not incorrect to call Chavez a socialist. Close enough.

The more important lesson in my view is that he was a populist demagogue.

all made it to college and or university in a country of opportunity where in those days well under 50% got there.
not from poor backgrounds in countrys where thats where stay due to many factors which are long gone in western countries.

First tanker carrying Iranian oil arrives in Venezuela


I was in South America for a few months recently and went to 7 different countries, I never went to Venezuela because it’s too dangerous to go there now, but one thing I noticed is I met young Venezuelans all over every other South American country, there has been a mass exodus of young people from Venezuela that isn’t reflected in official figures because many of them are there illegally.

Speaking to locals they don’t have much animosity towards the illegal Venezuelans, probably because they speak the same language, have the same religion and look the same.

A Chilean woman I met told me that some of the strongest supporters of their right-wing president Sebastián Piñera are Venezuelans in Chile because they have been sickened of socialism by their home government, there is a similar situation in other South American countries, the Venezuelan diaspora are big supporters of the right-wing parties, some people say it is similar to the many Cubans who fled Castro’s regime now living in the USA and are very right-wing Republicans. So perhaps if Trump wants to increase his voter base he could invite Venezuelans to move to the USA haha.

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I noticed this in Spanish speaking South America countries as well. In Brasil not so much. I have heard Brazilians make snide comments about Venezuelan immigrants which is weird because Brasilians are usually very accepting & I found Brasil to be a very integrated place otherwise.

A barbershop that I go to in Chile has 1 Venezuelan & 2 Chilean barbers. I was surprised that the Venezuelan who does my hair speaks freely about the politics in his country. In the US I found when immigrants are doing the same job right beside Americans the immigrant usually is more reserved & won’t do or say things to bring attention to themselves. Not in that barbershop & other places in Chile that I visit. Ditto on the refugees having a different paradigm on left & right politics as well. My Venezuelan friends have a totally different prospective about the civil unrest that started in Chile last Southern Hemisphere spring. When the whole nation was on edge with the roits the Venezuelans shrugged their shoulders & went about their business. When many other businesses closed down & went home to hide the Venezuelans sold beer & food to the rioters into the wee hours of the morning. I guess rioting wears you down & you need to eat somewhere? None of the Venezuelans I know were for the riots/protests.

One day while listening to some Venezuelans discussed politics I was shocked to hear 2 of them say that they would be happy if the US invaded their country!? I thought those 2 were pretty smart until then & told them the US never leaves & our bombs blow up everything in the surrounding area & not just our intended targets. But I couldn’t convince them they were wrong. They compared the misery in their country to those in Iraq.

I have had the pleasure of becoming acquaintance with some very old young Venezuelans & I feel sorry for them. But it’s odd because I don’t get the impression they have any self pity & only feel bad for their friends & family they left behind.

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From the article: “We keep moving forward and WINNING !!” Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro also thanked Iran in a Tweet…”

How sad is it when a dictator of an oil rich nation like Venezuela calls importing gasoline a victory? It would be similar to the US celebrating a container ship full of fast food from Europe.

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To Sand_Pebble and Spork. I have not enjoyed or experienced the travels you have had due to nature of my work.What foreign countries I have delivered to south and east was a cultural shock. Even as fucked up as some believe our country is, I am quite alright living in USA. My golf game was cancelled due to weather today. The lawn still grows, and the mutt is not helping me with the slider screen. What a bitch.

I have run across the same sort of thinking in my travels and where I worked. I have tried to explain that the USA is really good at blowing people up but they are not in it for the long haul. The USA cannot and has no desire to do the things needed to set up a government in a foreign land. It is up to the people of that country to either overthrow their inept leaders or accept their lot in life. The US is great at supplying ammunition and starting wars in small places, the US is also great at supplying munitions to other countries to blow people up. Yeman is a fine current example. All this makes military contractors rich and increases the rank and number needed for the military so it is a self perpetuating cycle. To those who have not had the experience of a US invasion or the US support of the opposing political party it may seem like a viable option. Be careful what you wish for. Best to take care of things “in house”.

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Agree. It is better for every country to settle disputes in house, when USA shows up someone is gonna get rich, and it ain’t you.


Venezuela & Iran have nothing to lose by going against US sanctions but the Greek ship owners & Liberian Registry apparently do. 2 of the ships have been diverted for now.

Storage folks.