Valid point

Barista Uno of marine Cafe Blog makes a good point here

Yeah, the comments on any post on Facebook regarding this proposal are just as scathing. I’m sorry, adding required training for wellness is just stupid.

What’s next? This?

I’m all for healthy food options & exercise equipment/space aboard ship but health training would do as much good at changing people’s unhealthy habits as BRM did at turning assholes into level headed professionals.


Making it mandatory is ridiculous, but as a former cook I noticed, at least in the “food is your fuel” category, young people in general have worse eating habits than older people. I’m just generalizing, but maybe the generations of 2 parents at work kids have been eating out of a microwave for too long. Healthy eating, combined with some exercise and stretching, could reduce injury at work and avoid “fat mariner syndrome” so many of us have witnessed. I’m surprised more companies don’t require something.

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Not sure why i can’t quote, but in reference to companies making an effort for boat crews eating healthier, i recall working for a company that didn’t allow us to buy energy drinks or soda pop with grub money.

This was nullifed because our cook would deep fry our boots for dinner if you let him.


A certain OSV company built a bunch of their pretty new OSV’s with no fryers on board, “For Crew Health”. Post delivery every single one I went on had a couple fry daddy’s. Swapping a properly installed fixed fryer with fire suppression hoods etc for a counter top death machine.