USPHS mariner outpatient clinic in Miami

found my old I D card from the USPHS outpatient clinic in Miami…faintly remember going there with other boatman for health and dental issues many years back…what ever became of this service for mariners ???

The USPHS actually grew out of the much older Marine Hospital Service which cared for mariners for more than a century. I don’t know when the last marine hospital or clinic closed but your card is definitely at the tail end of that service. Basically as the US mariner community decreased; at the same time USPHS was expanding in other directions. They still provide some level of service to DOD and NOAA but even that is far less than decades passed. Nice bit of history you have there.

The Reagan Administration closed the USPHS hospitals in 1981 for budgetary reasons.

From the dealings I had with them in the '70s, they made the VA look like an urgent care facility.