Hello everyone,

I recently honorably discharged from the navy as a navigation specialist. I have been looking for the past 2 weeks for a job too utilize my sea time experience, however i have not found anything useful. If there are any veterans here whom can assist me with any tips or advice too where i can start and grow with a company, please share your knowledge. I have been with the navy since 08, and have advanced knowledge and salt required for the job.
thank you for reading…

Did you apply for a MMC? If so, what’s your rating?

Navigation specialist? Is that what they’re calling a boatswain’s mate nowadays?

First thing you need to do is navigate this forum using the search function. Several of us have been through the process and there’s a lot of good info for newbies.

Maybe he was a Quartermaster.

I was being snarky. My version of the pointy stick.