sadly, she was effectively abandoned for many years and access was left in place for tweakers and other vandals to get aboard her to pilfer anything which could be sold for meth. Even after access was restricted, any cretin with a rowboat could still get inside her and I fully expect someone did and found a skin valve they opened which allowed the boat to sink at her berth.

the sum total is that there are many very old vessels all over the place which lie in a similar state and even those with historic value like ALERT have absolutely zero chance of being restored. I can well imagine that there are quite few museum vessels anywhere with are fully funded to being properly maintained. Short of some deep pocketed sponsor there is no way in hell you will see a boat like this become a museum. Within a dozen miles of where I live is the ex USCGC ACUSHNET (ex USS SHACKLE) sitting idle at Lovric’s Shipyard owned and being maintained by the yard with a forlorn hope that someone will buy her if intact and close to being ready to get underway and has been lying like that for sale for at least a dozen years. The asking price is down to a mere $135k but there is zero commercial use for such a vessel as her and the chances she could be a successful museum is just as low so in the end, she will be scrapped and another irreplaceable old ship will go the way of so many thousands before her…that is just the way it is.