USCG: The Port of New York and NJ is Open to Tug and Barge Traffic

[FONT=times new roman]NEW YORK – The Port of New York and New Jersey is open with the following guidelines and exceptions:

The Port of New York is open to all tug and barge traffic carrying petroleum products.

New York waterway ferries and taxi service are fully operational on the Hudson and East Rivers.

[li]Gravesend Bay anchorage south of the Verrazano Bridge as well as the anchorage north of the bridge is open and anchorage north of the bride is scheduled to be open later today.[/li][li]The Hudson River is open to all vessel traffic north of George Washington Bridge.[/li][li]The Kill Van Kull is open to light tugs.[/li][/ol]

More specific guidelines and exceptions on the status of the port are posted to New York Homeport.

As the port opens, agents are reminded to provide updates to the pilots and facilities to ensure the efficient entry of vessels.

Vessel operators are asked to provide information regarding weather conditions and location of debris fields to Vessel Traffic Service New York via channel 11 or 13.


One of the owners of the company I work for put up a status report for those of us in the company’s other ports. To summarize: Company HQ in Battery Place was flooded out, the office in Staten Island had 4 feet of water in it, 4 boats are crewed and working, however they cant crew change because the airports are still closed, payroll will be run out of someones house for right now. It sounds like it was a big mess. DonJon has 3 vessels and numerous containers to salvage, Titan sent up 3 salvage masters who may/maynot be put to work pumping out the subways. Its a huge mess up there.