Uscg taney (wpg-37)

I was on there 1958-1960. CO was W.W. Childress. LCDR Dan Rayacich was EO. Oscar Erickson was Asst. EO. 23rd and E. 14th streets in Alameda was the place to hang out. Coast Guard Carrie :eek:

Anyone…? I realize it was a LONG time ago, but if I made it, there must be someone else who made it.

That goes too far back for me, but I was there at her end. Upon being decommissioned, she was given to the city of Baltimore to become part of their maritime museum. There was an official dedication ceremony, and I was the BM3 who piped the Admirals aboard. It was a respectful event, with a few past sailors who were aboard her when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.