USCG/NMC Lingo..Whats PQEB mean?

Just thought Id ask on here, cause Im not to sure about this whole new NMC process, applied in Dec for my C/M & Masters License, eval should be a simple process (so says me, I printed out the checklist, had all the requirements, classes etc etc) and now my “Credential Status” on the new USCG Homeport webpage says…Ready to be Evaluated, PQEB…I dont know what PQEB means, Im wondering if its a step up from Ready to be Evaluated, MEB. Cuase thats what I was for most of Dec & into Jan, but now its changed to this PQEB, all of em got me stumped.

Anybody got an idea??

P_ossible Q_uandry, E_valuator B_efuddled.

I had a MEB hold on my MMD for a couple weeks while they were waiting for paper work from my.

After everything was squared away, the PQEB step was up for a couple days then they issued.

I know there was a USCG Proceedings issue with a list of all the steps and a neat flowchart. Dont have the link anymore but if someone could find it it could help answer a lot of questions.

Professional Qualifications Evaluation Branch (PQEB) …

Professional Qualifications Evaluation Board. They verify sea time, schools are licensed during the time you took the course, Did you attend all the right schools? etc. Basically, are you professionally qualified for the license you seek? That what these folks do. I’ve met a few. A pretty good group of folks. These are the “evaluators” you read about on here.

Agency: Homeland Security, US Coast Guard
United States Coast Guard
Salary: 43557.00 to 62546.00
Open Dates: 01/14/2009 to 01/24/2009
Pay Grade:
Location: US-WV-Martinsburg (West Virginia )
Openings: 1
Job Description: The incumbent serves as the technical PQE expert in the National Maritime Center’s Mariner Information Call Center (MICC) and is a senior specialist in the area of credentialing merchant marine personnel. Incumbent will also conduct evaluations in the Professional Qualifications Evaluation Branch (P …

Only “ONE” opening. That’s not very reassuring…:eek:

Here’s another one, and as is typical they’re looking for a GS-12 admin typewho can sit around and develop pie charts and statistics and shit, rather than a front line worker who can help to eliminate the bottleneck.

Where’s the posting for a Doctor who can review our physicals? Still waiting for DHS to get off their asses and approve the proposal, NMC?

Thanks guys, that’s enough to satisfy my curiosity. As for time…I wont be stateside till April anyway, so I got my fingers crossed they’ll have it done by then…we’ll see.

Thanks for the info.

One job opening, not one person. The rest are filled.

That got my vote for best response!