USCG License renewal? No Seatime? Openbook renewal test NO LONGER EASY as it once was

Used to be when you didnt have the seatime necessary to renew the most common way, The USCG would send you (for a fee) an openbook comprehensive renewal test.

Now, depending on how many endorsements you have, will dictate how many separate modules you will have to take…

Say you had Mate Oceans 500, Mate Towing, Master 100 tons, w/Sail Aux. endorsement.
You NOW may have to take 2 modules for the Mate Ocean 500, another module for the Mate Towing, another for the Master 100 and another for the Sail Aux.

5 modules instead of 1 or 2. Times are a changing. Is this part of “Hope and Change” ??