USA Made Generic Drugs

Was looking to see if any generic drugs are still made in the USA?

And you came to ask a marine industry forum?

Yep. We debate everything else being American made.

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You have a point there.

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True, but still? Mariners live a large chunk of our lives at sea so pretty much everything can be spinned off a legitimate maritime topic to be discussed & debated but you’re making it too weird. It isn’t kosher to jump into a discussion about where your generic aspirin is made.

You should tell us a sea story related to generic medicines first to get us primed up.


Does anyone know is there are any generic sea-sick medicines made in the USA? :upside_down_face:


Double thumbs up freighterman1! That’s the way to do it!!

It’s about following up on the claims that we’re going to make our drugs here in the USA. It’s also about traceability of manufacturing and sourcing ingredients.