USA Back On The White List - Cheers!

Paris MoU Issues New Performance Rankings – U.S. Climbs Back to “White” List

The Paris MoU on Port State Control Committee has approved their 2012 inspection results and adopted new performance lists for flags and ‘Recognized Organiziations’, which is to enter into force on July 1, 2013…

The “White List”, representing quality flags with a consistently low detention record, has increased by 2 flags compared to last year, with a total of 45 flags. New to the “White List” are the United States and Thailand, which were both still on the “Grey List” last year.

In the imortal words of Sam Malone “Oh Henri, about that contest thing we were doing, congratulations.”



(Fast forward to 12:32)

Is it just me or are all the video attachments becoming disabled after a few hours of posting?

Most the images are just red “x”'s as well.

It’s working on our computer… anyone else having this problem? Details?

It is still working on my side. I can’t see most of the pictures that are posted but this I can see.

With fewer ships trading, could the move be statistical?

[QUOTE=cmakin;112493]With fewer ships trading, could the move be statistical?[/QUOTE]

I was thinking the same thing, but either way better to go up on the list than go down.