US Offshore Wind Power

the hydro is used to allow the coal to run at an optimum steady output
When you go skiing you can see lakes going changing levels overnight by a few metres

Anybody else think it’s strange that it’s hard to get a permit to stick some poles with turbines on them out in the ocean? Compared to all the things we have to worry about with an oil rig, I’d think it would be pretty easy to approve.
I know I’m being simplistic, but I don’t think there’s going to be any major environmental disaster if a windmill falls over.

The current way (as I’ve had it explained to me) of meeting the ebb and flow of demand is to analyze weather events and other factors that are known to affect demand on the power grid, and bring enough generation capacity on line to provide for what’s anticipated. For example, bring more generators on line on hot days when everyone runs their air conditioners.
I imagine the same tactic would work with managing renewable energy. There would always be a need for the reliability of conventional power generation but it it would only need to be used to take up the slack when renewables lag behind demand.

Too simple.

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Studies of the effect of offshore wind farms on recreational and commercial fishing in the US is under way:

Since Europe has two decades or more of experience a lot of rellevant data is available from there.


Not sure if this was already posted, but I’m curious who the others involved (namely what boat company) in the consortium are. Regardless, it’s about time.


They are negotiating with PIT for dock space and staging area as we speak and has been ongoing for a bit…Glad they are looking ahead to have their own Jones Act vessel for this massive program once they gain the expertise learned by other countries already ass deep in it.


The rest of the world (mainly in Europe) is/has learnt that vessels needs to be specially built and equipped to be suited for each wind farm,. (or at least each area of operation):
It is not good enough to take any old boat/barge from the GoM and send it to do the job.

No siree. Especially when the decks are slippery with that awful tabacky juice. Not safe.

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I would like to believe with all the assets Dominion Energy has they perhaps had an engineer or two that researched all that before making this kind of commitment. Wouldn’t be surprised at all some Europeans are on the project as well… Some of those tabacky stained barges can be modified and used to tow the equipment to wherever it needs to go. Just need a good power wash LOL. Another advantage of PIT is a railway is close at hand.

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Barges to bring equipment to staging areas yes. To get it from there to site requires somewhat more sophisticated vessels.

PS> For this first installation the main components came from Europe by HLV and was transferred to the CSV in Halifax, Canada to circumvent and flag restrictions. It also means that the CSV doesn’t have to call at a US port.
This probably added to the project cost, but was a necessity as the situation is today.