Us navy ships for sale to private citizens

Where can I find a list of us navy ships for sale to private citizens?

Irony is looking for a way to buy something you already paid for.

Edit: I found this on Wikipedia:

The United States Navy maintains a number of its ships as part of a reserve fleet, often called the “Mothball Fleet”. While the details of the maintenance activity have changed several times, the basics are constant: keep the ships afloat and sufficiently working as to be reactivated quickly in an emergency.

In some cases (for instance, at the outset of the Korean War), many ships were successfully reactivated at a considerable savings in time and money. The usual fate of ships in the reserve fleet, though, is to become too old and obsolete to be of any use, at which point they are sold for scrapping or are scuttled in weapons tests.

In rare cases, the general public may intercede for ships from the reserve fleet that are about to be scrapped – usually asking for the navy to donate them for use as museums, memorials or artificial reefs.

Are you, by chance, a museum? or wanting to make a memorial? Or wanting to make a new reef?

This seems like the kind of question where if you’re asking on the internet you’re probably not in a position to buy it, but check out the GSA auction website sometimes smaller stuff spears on there. Otherwise, unless there’s big public and political support, mothballed ships usually end up having anything useful stripped from them and sold for scrap.

it is important for us to know what type of former naval vessel you are interested in acquiring? if it is a 108’ training vessel you need not even be required to go through the bid process since I know a person who already has one.

NOAA sells it’s used ships on the GSA site. You’ll see boats from the Army pop up there too.

Sometimes you’ll see old Navy harbor tugs there but the Navy sells or transfers mainly to other governments and other agencies.

You can’t buy warships. Maybe patrol boats, but they usually go to a 3rd world country. Destroyers and up require specific scrapping including cutting the hull. Because of the concern for outlaw scrappers, any vessel of any size has to have a scrap plan or buyer of means to return the vessel to operation. Usually ships boats belonging to mothballed ships or otherwise surplus usually have sat for years w/o care, non running engines, etc.
Rarely recently discarded tugs are sold, but near their real value. Many of the tugs around as liveaboards were built in WWII or before.