US Merchant Marine Academy Receives FY 2012 Funding

[I]This just in from the KP Alumni Association…
On Friday, November 18, 2011, the President signed into law: [B]H.R. 2112, the “Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2012”[/B],

[B][I]provides FY 2012 full-year appropriations through September 30, 2012[/I][/B], for the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Health and Human Services’, Food and Drug Administration, Housing and Urban Development, Justice, [B]Transportation[/B]; the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National Science Foundation, and other small agencies. In addition, it provides for continuing FY 2012 appropriations through December 16, 2011, for the remaining projects and activities of the Federal Government.

… provide a total of [B][U]$85,168,000[/U] for the [/B][B]U.S.[/B][B] Merchant [/B][B]Marine[/B] [B]Academy[/B][B] (USMMA). Of the funds provided, [U]$62,268,000[/U] is for Academy operations and [U]$22,900,000[/U] is for the capital improvement program (CIP) of which $17,000,000 is for capital improvements and $5,900,000 is for facilities maintenance, repairs and equipment.[/B]

We have provided a Summary of the H.R. 2112 background and text excepts, applicable to MARAD and the USMMA.

[B]Ref: USMMA [/B][B]KPA[/B][B]-CPA SUM HR 2112 CONF RPT 111811[/B]

We also provide the Congressional Vote Database from Novembver 17, 2011 for your reference.

[B]U…S Congress Votes Database – Senate[/B]

[B]U.S Congress Votes Database – House[/B]

All KP Alumni are encouraged to contact your local legislators – immediately! The message and the “ask” are simple - “Tell America!” “Tell America About Kings Point and the US Merchant Marine!” Thank YOUR legislators for their votes received in favor of, and passage, of the FY 2012 full-year appropriations for the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, through September 30, 2012. Further, request their continued support of the FY 2013 Budget Appropriation, and beyond!

Please note that a [B]Legislator Contact tool[/B] has been posted to the USMMA KPA-CPA web site. Simply type in your home zip code, and you will be provided the contact information for your legislators in YOUR Congressional District.

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[B]This is what that $[U][I]85,168,000.00 [/I][/U]looks like to me![/B]


Wow! We the People waste that much per year to teach kids how to polish their shoes? That’s just disgusting.

Don’t be angry that you could not make thet cut to be accepted at KP.

[QUOTE=UnRepKing;57891]Don’t be angry that you could not make thet cut to be accepted at KP.[/QUOTE]

That response seems to be the most commonly used defense of an institution that long ago became irrelevant.

If the only justification for continuing to bleed the taxpayer of $85 million is that it maintains the fantasy that KP grads are somehow “better” than everyone outside the walls then it’s continued funding is truly a crime against the American people.

[QUOTE=UnRepKing;57891]Don’t be angry that you could not make thet cut to be accepted at KP.[/QUOTE]

This ridiculous statement is hollow and meaningless…how do you know whether or not I was able to make “the cut”? Why do you somehow believe that I ever wanted to go to Kings Point which must on its face also mean that every other ship officer must wanted to go as well but wasn’t good enough or something? In addition, these asinine words imply by inference that I am less of a ship master by not being a most grandiose KP’er. What arrogance to believe that somehow one’s school alone makes the difference in a person’s abilities, knowledge and competence! Are not State Maritime grads justifiably proud of their alma maters and educations? Can a hawsepiper also not be proud of their ability to achieve an officer’s license without a formal education? That afterall is the oldest tradition of the sea. Masters under sail not only could navigate a ship over the entire globe without aid of engines or electronics but were able to by teaching themselves how to do it and certainly never needed to wear a monkey suit uniform to become a true seaman. Not too many KP’ers out there with those kind of steel balls.

Oh so typical and so very sad!

[QUOTE=UnRepKing;57891]Don’t be angry that you could not make thet cut to be accepted at KP.[/QUOTE]

I understand you are exaggerating to make a point but still the idea that where a person went to school is the only significant factor is silly.

If you consider KP to be the “Ivy League” of maritime schools then some KPers would be Obama, G. Bush and Taft while the State schools put out Johnson and Truman. The reason I post this of course is to point out that in this analogy Abe Lincoln would be a hawsepiper.