US Freedom Act Treats U.S. Flag and U.S. Owned Vessels as Equal

Maritime Provisions of Title VIII of USA Freedoms Act.

With much attention being given to the passage of the 2015 USA Freedom Act, there is some odd silence about what the bill actually contains.

For jurisdiction purposes, the Bill states that the US has jurisdiction when actions are committed against vessels operated and owned by a US corporation or legal entity, vessels within the US territorial seas, vessels sailing under a US flag,

“…there is some odd silence about what the bill actually contains.”

Nothing much odd about that … you may rest assured that when the word “freedom” is used it does not mean you have gained any.

I see nothing nefarious about the maritime provision, at least not in the sense that it threatens what little we have left of a merchant marine, it just gives the jackboots legal authority to do whatever they want on any vessel they choose regardless of ownership, flag, or that annoying old concept of “free passage.”