Upgrading of US Federal Ports

USD 66 Bn. needed. Will it be made available soon??:

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The various ports should be privatized and regulations regarding water front usage should be scaled waaaaaaay back.

This is painfully obvious in New York Harbor around Caddells.

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I haven’t seen a port as under utilized and NY/NJ. There is so much decrepit waterfront property in one of the greatest metropolitan areas in the world.


They need to seriously upgrade security at many US ports. Two security breaches in one week at the one I’m at right now. Security caught two people on my ship late last night and they were arrested by the harbor police. They climb over the fencing at low tide from the park next door.

I sure hope so. President Trump needs to keep his promises in that regard.

Do you hear yourself right now? I mean really?

The writing is on the wall.
The emperor has no clothes!

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Well, President Trump is currently the elected President of the United Sates and has mentioned infrastructure as needing quite a bit of attention. And he has been working to put into place quite a few of his campaign promises. So yeah, he dresses quite nicely.

He certainly was not my first choice but he was voted into office.

Looked at the stock market lately?

There appears to be some private investment in port improvement as well:

To tell the truth, I have a lot of reservations about pumping billions of dollars of FEDERAL TAX MONEY into local ports.

We have more big loadcenter ports than we need. They are competing with each other for the limited available business. There is not enough business to support them all without taxpayer subsidies. The local desire to have or expand a port to compete with other ports is a local issue that should mostly be funded by local money, user fees, and freight tariffs.

Some ports are well located with deep natural harbors and approaches, these ports make sense, and do not require a lot of dredging or maintenance. Some ports with short dredgable approaches make sense. Other ports with long shallow approaches never made much sense for deep draft ships in the first place, and with larger, higher, deeper ships, they make even less sense now.

Most small ports have very little deep sea volume and no real reason to exist, except as shallow draft tug and barge or small ship ports. Too much federal money is being wasted on these ports.

Upgrading the customs clearance system at US ports is apparently not working as planned:

Are there going to be a shakup of US Container Ports?:

All container ports are overcrowded and over extended so some amount of shakeup on the order of reality should be welcomed by all parties. I read last week that CMA CGM has put a $300 surcharge on cargo moving through Savannah to help combat this. I think some of these ports just have to be a little more realistic in their expectations of efficiency. Liner services demand on time, scheduled port ops.

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