Unlimited Master / DP Unlimited / OIM Endorsement - C-MAR America - GoM

				[INDENT]                      [B][SIZE=3]C-MAR America have 2 job openings [/B][/SIZE][B] f[/B][B]or Unlimited Master / DP Unlimited / OIM Endorsement. [/B]

[SIZE=3]Below is the scope of work and requirements.

[/SIZE]§ To act as Marine Consultants for all operations of the Semi Submersible drilling rigs with particular regard to Hurricane, adverse weather, and emergency situations using Emergency procedures
§ To advise and assist in the training of Dynamic Positioning officers so that they gain more knowledge and experience of DP operations whilst on location, drilling, and also on transits between locations
§ Review all procedures, and if required write and submit any other procedures that may enhance the safety of operations on board the Drilling Rigs. These procedures to be submitted to shore management for review and approval
§ To liaise with Drilling Superintendents, and Senior personnel, to ensure safe and efficient operation of the unit
§ In emergency situation to liaise with Management, <acronym title=“United States Coast Guard”>USCG</acronym> and emergency services shown in Emergency Preparedness Manual

Qualified Marine Captains with STCW 95 and <acronym title=“United States Coast Guard”>USCG</acronym> Unlimited Masters Licenses with OIM endorsements and DPO Certificate.
Captains to have at least 3 years experience of operations of Dynamic Positioned Drilling rigs, and have had knowledge, experience, of operations in Gulf of Mexico. Have a good understanding of weather conditions encountered in Gulf of Mexico, both for hurricanes, loop currents, and sea conditions.

Marcie Viator
Fax: 337-406-2866
marcie.viator@c-mar.com [/INDENT]

This sounds great…but unfortunantly not quite there yet, what I wanna know is how do you get your foot in the door so you can START to gain 3years of DP rig exp, GOM ops etc etc. As a recent C/M AGT just completed DP Intro trying to get in somewhere to started working DP on either rigs or workboats, it seems there is a shortage of experienced C/M & Masters but no room to get started?

Or maybe Im going about it wrong, but I have gotten ZERO responses via calls and emails, but everybody I meet in various classes say they NEED Unlimited guys…where to start??

(sorry to de-rail thread, looks like a great job, just the kind of thing I wanna make a career of vs sailing deep sea)

Papers, papers, papers…

without the tug papers we crossed the Pacific Ocean with the rust ship for break behind the tow boat…
Without papers, we loaded and & unloaded hundreds of times of oil…
Whatever the ship out there, we simply joined the a different ship.

That might be the reason why I still sail on the foreign freighters which requires nothing of the sort.

Now, we drive the ships with six thrusters, 4 pros and two rudders. There are merely different vessels.
I don’t get it why we, the unlimited masters who’s been there and done that, need all the papers
to drive the ships like that. It only takes breaking in…in couple of hours or days…

There should have been an equivalency or something.

There are whole bunch of sea trial captains who drive the semi’s and Rigs without any papers at ship building site in Korea,
almost everyday without a hitch, giving orders to Dp guys from Philippines in stormy seas who knows shit of the sea states.