Unlicensed deckhand for international travel

Hello! First, if I posted to the wrong forum, please let me know.I’m looking into working as an unlicensed deckhand for 3-12 months as a way to [a] get sea time, [b] earn a few bucks, [c] travel across an ocean or two, and [d] arrive and tour a different country.If I got a contract job on a cargo ship for, say, 3-12 months, would I be able to get on at, say, New York, Charleston, LA, or Oakland (or anywhere in the USA) and get off at any of, say, Singapore, China, Germany, Spain, Sri Lanka, Brazil, South Africa, etc?Are there any cargo companies that let you start in one country and get off in another country (assuming, of course, you’ve already obtained a valid visa, etc)?Of course, I’m ready to work very hard during my time at sea, and I don’t expect to make hardly any money. I have a BS that’s not at all relevant to this job, so I’d expect to start at the very bottom.TIA!