Unions that crew for these following ships?

I wish to become a third mate on one of these ships:
Maersk Seletar
Maersk Pittsburgh
Maersk Memphis
Maersk Hartford

What unions, if any, do crewing for these MLL vessels?

Probably easiest to contact MLL directly.

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I am pretty sure they are manned as follows:
Maersk Seletar - MM&P
Maersk Pittsburgh - AMO
Maersk Memphis - MM&P
Maersk Hartford - MM&P


Maersk Memphis is now foreign flagged. She was replaced by the Safmarine Mafadi, which after being flagged in continued under MMP contract with the Memphis gang.

Chief got it correct with the other vessels representatives.

MMP is overstepping bounds trying to take over AMO contracts in Great Lakes. Less pay and company biased. You are fucking yourselves to accept this crap. Have a frigging spine.

What now? I haven’t kept in touch with any lakes guys

Grand River Navigation Co.

Oh yeah say no more!

Grand River Navigation has been around over 20 years. Not that I ever dealt with them but I thought they have been MM&P for quite some time. Please elaborate further on them trying to take over AMO contracts.

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Yeah I was gonna say I have been with MMP for a good while and I always remember GRN being part of our inland division… this doesn’t sound like recent news.

And what does it have to do with the OP’s question anyway? Lake boats were not even mentioned.

So why two separate unions for Maersk deck officers?
As simple as the ole’ one against the other trick? Or more to it?

Maersk has a long history with both unions. You would need to approach them to ascertain their reasons. It is my understanding the contracts are considered good on both sides of that fence.

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It has been this way for a long time. Both unions have same base and OT wages on MLL vessels, but the MMP/MEBA vessels have night mate/engineers available in US ports and their benefits are worth a good deal more.

Grand River has been MMP for a while. American Steamship Company has been AMO for awhile. GRN and ASC are now both owned by Rand Logistics. Rand Logistics is crewing the ASC ships with MMP despite the CBA with AMO. The rumors I’ve heard are that MMP has not been able to crew the ships and have approached AMO members to fill the billets to avoid delaying fitting out for the season (or whatever it’s called when they bring the ships out of winter layup). I’ve also heard that the MMP contracts pay significantly less with GRN than the AMO contracts with ASC. Rand is working around the CBA by bareboat chartering the ASC ships to GRN. It’s turning into a bit of a mess and likely the only people to benefit are the lawyers.

And I also have no idea what this has to do with the OP’s post, nor do I work on the lakes.

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On to something Louisd75. This is a recent development the AMO members were made aware by it’s most transparent President Mr Paul Doell.

Interesting rumor to be sure. I would think you would see mates and engineers jobs to be on their website if they were that short handed.

It’s no rumor. I may be wrong, but jobs were briefly posted on Gcaptain a few weeks back by GRN looking for newer academy grads. I looked today,that post is not up now. Correct me if I am wrong John Konrad. You know Mr Doell, he is up front with his union and you communicate with him as do I, among others in this business.

Interesting move to narrow down your career options to 4 vessels.


I am sure the truth will come out whatever it is. If ASC is losing jobs why are they accepting applications according to their website for mates and engineers. I would think Mr. Doel would have said something in your newspaper to rally the troops. Maybe I missed it…

Seadog,it isn’t in print yet. He put out a detailed message recently on his facebook page to his followers regarding this subject. Don’t recall him mentioning ASC losing jobs, but as in my prior post, MMP/GNR/Rand was booting AMO guys for much less pay and benefits under a different contract. I believe him. It will be interesting how this mess turns out. The mariners are the least of the owners worries.