Understanding China


All of those countries put together don’t make much of dent in a $337 billion trade deficit with China.

It also makes a big difference what type of goods are causing the trade surplus and for how long.

Some of the biggest US exports are scrap paper, plastics, and metals — due to US environmental rules which make reprocessing them into useful products uneconomic in the US.

Coal is another big export that is declining in volume fairly quickly.

Some of those countries are exporting less oil and gas to US and buying more weapons, which is a new phenomenon.

Some of those countries, like Panama do not make anything, almost everything is imported. Oil, gas, cement, steel, construction materials, etc., even the “Panama hats” are all made in Ecuador. Panama is one of the largest maritime crossroads in the world, but they don’t even have a real shipyard for repairs, much less new building. The only legitimate thing Panama has going for it is the canal, which the US built and gave to them. Tourism is still small and mostly US tourist dollars. After the Canal and construction, semi-secret banking, money laundering, and illegal drug transit are Panama’s largest industries.

Some of those countries receive much more in US foreign aid than the amount of their trade deficits.

None of these trade surpluses are an excuse to tolerate the huge trade deficit with China.


You know China has stopped all the non metal scrap from going to China, has wreaked havoc in many countries as they now have growing mountains of plastic and paper.

I like what Trump has done as they eventually unroll the tariffs and they publicize what china does it will be all telling, ok if you have 24%+ huge sales tax on cars so will we, thats fair trade…


google the i phone, china only add labour and one bare board, everything else is manufactured outside of china.


All you want to know about where the IPhone components are made:

Please note that a lot of the components are “outsourced for manufacturing”, which may or may not mean they are actually made in China.


The Chinese are moving in on the North Sea decommissioning market:
COES does have a large fleet of powerful vessels and proven track record from salvage.


Will China overtake US in patents, scientific paper published and innovation within this decade, or towards the middle of next decade?? Hard question to answer, but that it will happen is certain:


for sure, but let me know when I am using a Chinese invention in my day to day life, thats when it will be true.


You don’t use paper?


Interesting article in the WaPo today about the skewed male to female ratio of marriage-age people in India and China.

There are so many surplus young men in China, that they are doing things like saving for ever increasing bride prices, or imported brides from Cambodia and Vietnam. They spend very little money on themselves.This is a factor in the trade imbalance.


paper, gunpowder and noodles do you have an update in the last 2000 years?


Yeah. Pissing off Westerners, apparenty


What shaped Xi Jinping??
Here is an article from BBC that may shed some light on this, without and political biases and preconceived opinions:


scary, he decided to become the leader of the party that killed 30 million and persecuted his family, obviously decided it was a good idea.
I see china has just started to remove people from cities and put them back in the country.





Greeks and Chinese in business together, a match made in heaven


But, but, but… Political bias! Americans don’t understand China! Harrumph harrumph harrumph!


The Chinese government can still confiscate your business and every penny you have and there is no recourse for you. There is still no private property anywhere so nothing to leave your heirs except home furnishings and your ashes. There are still a good many state run businesses, most of which are not profitable and are the source of much of the bad debt held by banks, but they are too politically connected to be allowed to go bankrupt. And of course they still do not have a free press, allow unrestricted internet access or the free practice of religion. Oh, and my last visit to China was last October with a trip coming up in May.


Uh, have you seen prices for things like food or housing in, say, Shanghai? $15 - $17 for a 1 kg (2.2 lb) chicken you would walk past with disgust if you saw it in a supermarket here. Fresh veggies go for $3 a pound or so. A small fresh fish fetches $9 - $10. Just one fish! A 900 sq foot flat would cost over $100K to “buy”, but all you are getting is a lease on it. The state still owns it as they own all land in China. It is not a cheap place to live by any means for workers making a couple of hundred bucks a month or so.


He is deluding himself if he thinks he can control anyplace as large and populated as China. And appointing himself ruler for life only compounds his problems. Without some sort of federal approach to government central control will lose control. There are just too many moving parts in a place that huge to run it all centrally. But by choking off a path to the top leadership by not leaving after ten years and keeping members of the Central Committee past their usual retirement dates Xi will breed much contempt for him from below. The first time he looks even a little bit weak his enemies will pounce. Moreover, increasing repression will choke off Chinas economic growth. He is betting an increasing standard of living will compensate for increased repression but historically this has never worked. Repression leads to economic decline, so in that way he is making some of the same mistakes the Soviets made and will end like the old USSR did.


if china survives without a implosion caused by its financial status, I will be impressed but then again, they might close the door and we will never know.