UN High Seas Treaty

After 15 years of discussion and a final 48 hrs. session at the UN in New York, a High Seas Treaty has been agreed upon:

The basic problem areas:

I’ve read this announcement on three different platforms today. None of them contained any details on what the actual agreement actually is.

Oh, but let me guess …

Western nations will do all the research, investment, engineering, and actual developmental work. Then after assuming all the risk, will take whatever “product” is gained by their effort and, if there are any profits to be made, we’ll have to GIVE some to other nations that didn’t do anything, yes?

What could possibly go wrong with this idea? If the United Nations had anything to do with this, chances are, it’s not worth the paper its written on.

That this is happening during the Biden administration only underscores the likelihood that it is a fundamentally flawed plan. Just as Biden’s toadies want to turn over America’s Public Health system to the WHO.


Don’t forget… China will ignore it like they do everything else and will declare it to be an American plot to hinder their “lawful” activities in the South China Sea.


It has to be ratified and it has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting through.

It will be ratified by the required 2/3 of the signatories (incl. NZ and China) and thus become active International Law.

But there are likely to be some governments that fail to get it through their legislative branch, just like UNCLOS and other international treaties before.

Why? Not because it is not beneficial for their country but because some legislators are afraid that if they vote for anything “foreign” they will be seen as “soft on …” (fill in the popular hate object at the time), thus not be reelected.

I didn’t say it will happen this year (or next):

That “take care” of the High Seas, but what about the competition for the use of near coastal waters and the area that fall under individual country’s EEZ:

All you need (or want) to know about the High Sea Treaty in an easy sitting:

The Intergovernmental Conference on Marine Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction is under way in New York:

Singapore is ready to sign and ratify the BBNI as soon as it is open for signing by member states: