Shouldn’t that read: " the French defeat at Din Bien Phu in 1954"?

There was also a less know “Vietnam War” in 1945-46 where the British was very much involved:

First defeat Din Bien Phu then the French withdrawal, then the period I was referring to starts.
It is drawing a long bow to call Gracey’s involvement a war given the number of participants and that they were only involved to accept the surrender of the Japanese and maintain order.
After the French withdrawal it wasn’t a good time to be a Catholic or anyone else who didn’t share a communist belief.

For American and Commonwealth country military forces, the Vietnam war lasted from 1954 to 1975. To the French and the others whose grand schemes got sucked into the vortex, it happened in other years.

It was still Viet Minh fighting for freedom from the French in 1945-54.
Ho Chi Minh was still allied with the US in 1945-46, as he had been during WWII but he did not have the support of the British. They had not come to Vietnam “to take the colony away from the French and put a barefooted Coolie in the Palace”

BTW; Viet Cong didn’t get established before the late 1950s. US backed saboteurs conducted clandestine raids into the North even before the 1964 Tonking Incident.

This was a great series, was on TV in oz
lots of footage not seen in another other documentaries.

Ukraine not really a civil war, just an independent country invaded by a delusional megalomaniac.
The world seems to agree so the world is helping.
Putin will put his country back into the stone age so its not about money its all about a delusion.

Not even close to a civil war. In a civil war, there is a clash of cultures fighting over a home or how the home should be. With dictator and autocrat land adventures, they could care less about anything past the square kilometers contained by the land. It’s the house versus a home argument. What makes a house a home is the people within, the moments, the relationships, and culture by its occupants. That’s why the US always finds itself involved somehow, to defend the people in most cases, or in this case - provide assistance to so they can defend themselves. Putin just wants the house even if takes burning it to the ground…the square kilometers will still be there afterwards.

You’re more determined to get the last word than some women I know.

Not the last word but the facts. (Unlike some women we both know)

Judging from the comments all over this forum I think it is probably equally so for men.

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Sanctions is a two-edged sword:

The other talking point is Ukrainian grain export.
One side blame Russian blocked of Ukrainian ports, the other blame Ukrainian mining of their ports:

Russian grain export is also limited. Not by sanctions directly, but because payments are blocked.

Who suffer from all this?:

The rich world will just pay higher prices and secure their supply from other sources, while the developing world will starve.

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Exemptions will be granted for sure lest the EU fracture. Oil still flows into Europe from Russia.

Any country that is totally dependent on imports of food deserves everything it gets.

There are certainly Russian speaking Ukrainians. They settled in the areas Russia claims it’s Russian territory. There’s a history that goes very far and there are blood ties. It’s a situation akin to perhaps Northern Ireland. I’m just saying this not because I’m a Russian sympathizer, but because my initial statement was that the UN allows for exceptions and arbitrary division of territories without input from the people who actually reside in the territory.

I’m not happy after 2 years of lockdowns that Putin decided to put boots on the ground and claim Ukrainian land, especially because it ensures we will never get out of crisis mode.

Regardless of what is the reason?
I.e.: Climate (Norway etc). Available area (Singapore etc.) or War and /or Drought (Somalia, Yemen etc.)

Where do all the rich Russians go??:

WAPO has a special section updated regularly just on maps and demographics of the war. It’s outside of their paywall so anyone can use. Example:

According to BBC figures are a bit different

How many Ukrainian refugees are there and where have they gone? - BBC News

Have checked today data from PBP (Polish border protection) sources and they quote :

Registered inbound : 4,265 mln
registered outbound : 2,289 mln
remaining : 1,976 mln ( mostly woman , children, elderly ppl) . Before Feb 24 there were about 1.7mln (conservative estimate) of economic migrants , hence the grand total of Ukrainian nationals is abt 3.676 mln . With 38.179 mln acc. to latest census, it is abt 9.6 % of the original population.

There are still no refugee camps but the original enthusiasm in helping is wearing thin as the wallets of average Joe are getting empty as minimal and average wage is 3-4 times less then in countries like Germany or France. The prospects of avoiding tensions are rather grim. Yesterday listened to a lecture of Prof Mearsheimer who delivered some food for thought worth contemplating .

(479) The causes and consequences of the Ukraine war A lecture by John J. Mearsheimer - YouTube



Interesting listening to his summation on Angela Merkel’s concerns regarding NATO and Ukraine way back in 2008………14 years ago.

Thanks for the link. As you say……food for thought.

There is no reason not to be food independent for most countries. Even Norway, with its very large territory far North can do it fine. Singapore should replace that zoo with permaculture so they have a good supply of food year round. Even if they are not totally food independent, permaculture well done can make a difference, should the need arise. Also, if they have access to the sea, they have access to fishing. Having the population interact with their food source like chickens and sheep is better than look at a bunch of sad animals that belong in the wild. 26 hectares grows a lot of food, that’s the size of the zoo.
Somalia wasn’t always some desert. It was made that way by poor land use practices. It can be green again. It’s up to the residents and I’m not going to be condescending about it. They need to fix their s***.
The day Saudi Arabia ends the invasion of Yemen, it will be a good day. When Yemen is at peace again, I hope they think of permaculture as a way to keep the water they get instead of letting it run off to sea, taking top soil with it.

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