Uber mega offshore vessel FAR SAMSON delivered

no current picture available but look at the size of this ship!

LANGSTEN, NORWAY: Construction vessel Far Samson was delivered on March 24 from STX Norway Offshore AS in Langsten, Norway, to Farstad Construction AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Farstad Shipping ASA. Upon the completion of final offshore testing, the vessel will begin a five-year contract with Saipem UK Ltd.

Far Samson, which was built to the UT 761 CD design, has a length of 400 feet (122 m) and a beam of 85 feet (26 m), with a bollard pull of 466 tons (423 tonnes). Farstad said that the vessel was designed and built according to DNV’s highest environmental standards and classifications. Far Samson was built specifically for trenching offshore pipelines.

A long-term facility of NOK 680 million (US$105.14 million) has been drawn with Eksportfinans ASA in order to finance the vessel. The loan is guaranteed by DnB NOR Bank ASA, GIEK and Handelsbanken.

466tons of bollard pull…that is something like 33000hp!

how does that compare to the LANEY CHOUEST? Gotta me more…

The Laney has 370 tons of bollard pull and is only 348’ Long. Laney Chouest HP is actually 29,000HP (7250hp 4ea 6M43 MAK) 34,000HP at the Shaft tested. This monster here has to be a little over 40,000HP if I had to guess.

Capt. Lee…

what’s the name of the new ECO anchor handler being finished in Port Fourchon right now? Looks like she is a sister to the LANEY.

Very impressive!

The Dino Chouest. If I would have stayed at ECO, I would have been the third Captain on there. Very nice vessel.

Is the DINO bigger than the LANEY or have more bollard pull?

From Marine Log online:

[B]Most powerful offshore vessel yet[/B]

Just delivered to Farstad Shipping’s Farstad Construction of Ålesund, Norway, and built by the Langsten, Norway, yard of STX Europe, FAR SAMSON is the most powerful offshore vessel thus far constructed,
It is a Rolls-Royce UT 761 CD design, with a length of 121 m and beam of 26 m.
Its main propulsion machinery and additional electric boost power produce a propulsion effect of more than 26,000 kW on the main propellers, giving a record-breaking maximum bollard pull of 423 tons, or 377 tons using main propulsion machinery power alone.
The vessel multifunctional vessel has been specially designed for trenching pipelines offshore and can cut trenches in the seabed in water up to 1,000 m deep. In addition to carrying out heavy plowing operations for pipes and cables on the seabed, it can also handle installation work in ultra deep water, towing, remote underwater (ROV) and other challenging subsea operations. and can cut trenches in the seabed in water up to 1,000 m deep.
With a moonpool, 250 tons crane and 315 tons A-frame, both active heave compensated, a DP3 dynamic positioning system and a work class Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) the vessel is fully equipped for subsea construction able to perform lift and installation work operations on the sea bed, down to 3,500 m water depth.
The hybrid power and propulsion systems enable diesel mechanic or diesel electric operation, thus giving both the extreme power for pulling purposes and an energy optimized, flexible and environmentally friendly power production when operating in diesel electric DP mode.
Speed is around 20 knots at a draft of 6.5 m.
FAR SAMSON is a clean design vessel, with no oil tanks directly at the outer shell and with catalytic exhaust cleaning giving a 95 percent NOx reduction.
The environment for the 100 persons crew and onboard personnel is also taken good care of, with noise levels, vibration and indoor climate in compliance with Comfort class requirements.
The hull is strengthened to Ice Class 1B
After final offshore testing, FAR SAMSON will commence a 5 years contract for Saipem U.K Limited.

WOW! Now that’s some ship! Oh, and by the way, Farstad has flagged her in the UK to work in UK waters. Would they have done the same and flagged US if she were chartered to work in the GoM? Don’t bet one it!

It is 32,632hp and is registered in Isle of Man.

Looks like she needs a little ballast. Two or three hundred thousand gallons of fuel and a like amount of water would probably start the process, along with a little mud and a couple of tons of groceries and a few thousand barrels of lube oil. WOW, what a boat.

The [B][I]LANEY CHOUEST [/I][/B]is a fine vessel, but this thing really rivals her. The biggest advantage that the [B][I]LANEY CHOUEST [/I][/B]has over that monster is being built on the bayou.

How much bigger and sophisticated will they get? If oil goes back to $150 or higher I think we’ll find out.

Nice looking boat. I wonder what they pay in the North Sea to sit the Captain’s chair?


Just say you were going to be the Lead of the Community Coffee department. :smiley: I’ll have to send an email with a few new pics of the IBS layout. We’re looking at sea trials late next week.

With or with out Chicory? I already know you like it frothed.

Now Now Kiddies be nice. LOL

There is no way that Chouest is gonna take this. Only one name left. M/V Clarence Moore. 600 ft long ,100,000 bollard. Rebuild Fourchon. Bam!

Google translated from Norwegian:


See video of FAR SAMSON at http://www.farstad.no/default.asp

(Video 2 - CSV) :):):):slight_smile:

The most powerful offshore vessel ever built – [I]Far Samson[/I] - which was designed by Rolls-Royce and built by STX Europe for Farstad Shipping in Norway, has been awarded Offshore Support Journal’s ‘Ship of the Year 2009’ award.
Rolls-Royce developed the design of the UT 761 CD working closely with Farstad to meet the terms of a long term charter contract.
[I]Far Samson[/I], which was formally named and delivered in March, has demonstrated a continuous bollard pull of 423 tonnes using all available power and more than 377 tonnes using her main propulsion system.
Apart from its world record-breaking bollard pull, [I]Far Samson[/I] is an innovative vessel in many respects, and incorporates a wide range of new technology.
The vessel is a truly multifunctional offshore vessel and is capable of carrying out heavy ploughing operations for pipes and cables on the seabed, as well as subsea installation work in ultra deep water, along with towing, deploying ROVs and conducting a range of subsea operations. The vessel can cut trenches in the seabed in water up to 1,000m deep.
At 121.5m in length with a 26m beam, [I]Far Samson[/I] also has an ice-strengthened hull to Ice Class 1B, and is capable of more than 19 knots. The vessel also benefits from an innovative hybrid propulsion system combining diesel-electric and diesel mechanical transmission, which provides optimal operating flexibility, fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions.
The diesel engines on board meet Clean Design class rules and catalytic converters are also fitted to the generator sets, giving a 95 per cent nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction.
OSJ Ship of the Year awards will be presented to Farstad Shipping, Rolls-Royce Marine and STX Europe at 1.00pm on Thursday June 11th the OSJ Conference at Nor-Shipping, which takes place at Thon Hotel Arena, Lillestrom, Norway.
[I]Far Samson[/I] will also be the subject of a special in-depth supplement in the September/October 2009 issue of OSJ.
For more information about the OSJ Conference at Nor-Shipping see:



Here’s a couple vessel’s I have friends on… they’re both in the gom now. And the HOS Ironhorse…coming soon.






[quote=c.captain;10666]no current picture available but look at the size of this ship!

how does that compare to the LANEY CHOUEST? Gotta me more…[/quote]

[B]Got this is from Lloyd’s…[/B]

Ship Overview
Ship NameFAR SAMSONShiptypeOffshore Support Vessel

Year of Build2009LR/IMO Ship No.9400497

Gross Tonnage15,620Deadweight9,000

MMSI No.235070215Call Sign2BXM3

StatusIn Service/CommissionFlagIsle Of Man

[B]Last Updated 2009-06-29 Data validated2008-04-16[/B]

Construction Overview
ShiptypeOffshore Support VesselBuilt2009GT15,620Deadweight9,000

Construction Detail

Standard design:UT 761-CD; Hull Material:Steel; Hull Connections:Welded; Decks:1 dk; Bulbous bow; FS Ice Class 1B

Length Overall121.500Length (BP)105.000Length (Reg)106.848Bulbous BowYesBreadth Extreme0.000Breadth Moulded26.000Draught8.490Depth10.500Height0.000


Tonnage TypeOne tonnage, unspecifiedTonnage SystemNew System (International 1969)Effective Date2009-03Effective Date2009-03Gross15,620Net4,687Deadweight9,000CGT18,316Formula Deadweight12,655

Machinery Overview

4 diesel electric oil engines reduction geared to screw shafts driving 2 CP propellers
Total Power: Mcr 24,000kW (32,632hp), Csr 20,400kW (27,736hp)
Max. Speed: 18.90kts

Prime Mover Detail

Design: Bergens, Engine Builder: Rolls-Royce Marine AS - Bergen
4 x B32:40V12P, 4 Stroke, Single Acting, Vee
12 Cy. 320 x 400, Mcr: 6000 kW (8158 hp) at 750 rpm

Auxiliary Generators

Aux Generator: 4 x a.c., 2 x a.c.


Thrusters: 2 Retract. directional thruster (f) , 1 Retract. directional thruster (a) , 1 Thwart. CP thruster (f) , 2 Thwart. FP thruster (a)


Name when taken Far SamsonDate of Photo 2008-05-27Copyright hasenpusch-photo@t-online.de

Name when taken Far SamsonDate of Photo Copyright

Name when taken Far SamsonDate of Photo Copyright Neil C McBride

Name when taken Far SamsonDate of Photo Copyright Neil C McBride