U.S. Winter Maritime Job Forecast


I am finishing license exams this winter for a USCG 3rd Mate’s License (Unlimited) at Suny Maritime. I hear from people that in the winter there is greater chances of finding work than in the summer. I’m mostly looking in the tug industry because I want to work a 2 week on 2 week off schedule (I’m not single…), however I might work a few months to start to pay off loans.

So what are the prospects? I’m wondering how many positions there are in places like Houston where there is a huge amount of companies based. Looking to hopefully start around $60K as a Third Mate, or an AB for a month then promote. LNG’s seem nice but I’m not sure how the schedules work on those, plus I think they look for experience seafarers, even if for AB’s.




I haven’t seen too many tug guys around here but take a look at some of the older posts from Capt. Lee which contain really good info about the offshore industry and shorter working schedules.

The best time to look for work is the holiday season since many guys take extra time off to be with family. The most difficult time to find work is often the week after New Years for the same reason.


I’m still working on the development (so expect bugs) but take a look at our new job board mash-up which shows job listings from the 10 best maritime employment sites: