U.S Trawlers Spot Russian Sub 80 nautical miles west of St. Matthew Island

OK so the Ruskies were not in their EEZ, but they were in international waters, which is their right.

PS> Have you ever met US Naval vessels on the high seas? They are not shy to demand that civilian vessel give way either.

Many times, ‘If it’s grey, stay away’.

No, it is not their right. If the US Navy decided to conduct exercises in the Barents Sea and told a bunch of Norwegian vessels to leave an area they had fished for years you would be squawking with outrage and you know it.

This was an intentional provocation on their part.


Yes the did and they did so.

They may have done so (tell them to get out of their way, not “leaving the area”) And no, I would not be “squawking with outrage” since nobody is likely to make a big fuss out of it.

BTW;The fishing fleet that operates in the Barents Sea are international, not only Norwegian. They are used to having warships in the area who tell they to get out of the way, I presume.

We saw a sub in the Papahanaumokuakea monument couple years ago. Not sure whose it was, but it was very unusual to see one surface there.