Freedom of Navigation

The Russians and Chinese are getting too close for comfort:

How close to US territorial waters were they?

quote “classified briefings about the foreign vessels that are transiting U.S. waters in Alaska…
… incursions like this showcased the need to secure increased funding and resources to expand U.S. military’s capacity and capabilities in Alaska.” End quote

You will not be informed because it is a classified information. It is classified because otherwise, when the distabce is known smart Ombugge and others analitical/critical thinkers like him ,would consult UNCLOS and discover, they ( China and Ruskies) were acting within the limits of that law and have the right to enjoy innocent passage.

If US Navy and their floating war machine has the right to parade near Kaliningrad and Sevastopol i would expect the others should enjoy the same rights to parade and wave their navy banners off Honolulu, Sitka, Anchorage let Alone New York or Huston.

Why not??? Are they special, are they exceptional in this respect??? Or they think they are ,while others are not.

Of course They are special!!! as they are not signatories so They can claim Black Sea and approches to Shanghai as their backwaters. Simple as that , and what is more important nowadays, the Artctic is melting ( although slower then Al Gorrrrrr predictions) so They can claim the waters near Murmansk for themselves .

And They can insolently claim, that any movement of the Russian and/or Chinese delapidated , rusty buckets with cartoon rocket launchers , anywhere , anyplace on Earth is an INCURSION !!!, hence they can convince their population to agree for more funds and resources to be allocated towards strenghtening their huge peace -bringing and peace loving Navy.

When You google it, the craftily arranged and modified by Silicon Valey IT Gurus search algorythms , wil show You always that:

USA navy is always on a peaceful planned in advance mission, always friendly , never hostile, never spying , in the name of peace, cooperation, save the planet , good neighbourhood, spreading love and sometimes their DNA in local ports.
I dare not say provoking .

Try same with Russian or Chinese navy and You will be frightened with all the adjectives including hostile, spying, provoking, warlike, threatening, show of force ( especially when they are burning every half an hour) and when their decs are collapsing and pilots can not find their mother craft

Even their looking with nostalgia, at what was once theirs ( Alleuts und Alaska) is cosidered as an open act of agression and therefore should not be permitted and acted upon with resolve and great patriotism.

And You know what their biggest weakness is ??? They think we are all stupid.


I like Ike.

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