Typhoon Sanba

Typhoon17W (Sanba) was located early this morning about 590NM east of Manila,Philippines and was moving W-NW at 9kts with max winds of 65kts. Sanba is forecast to move NW-NNW approachingOkinawa on the 15th with max winds 110-115 knots.


WOW! That’s some storm! Headed right for the south coast of South Korea where all the big shipyards are! I know Samsung at Goje is somewhat sheltered by facing N, DSME at Okpo is slightly more exposed but protected by both land and a breakwater, yet Hyundai at Ulsan is wide open to the Sea of Japan facing due E. Of course, Korea has a lot of experience with typhoons so I imagine they know what to do, but if the storm hits at Cat3 then there still will be damage and the construction schedules will be thrown into some disarray.

Let’s hope that the loss of life and property is low!

Update - 13th/21Z

Current forecast track of Super Typhoon Sanba will bring Sanba close to or over Okinawa between 18Z/15th and 00Z/16th


Super Typhoon is a very appropriate term to use. I hope the Japanese and Americans on Okinawa prepare well for the typhoon’s arrival and get as many people to safe shelter as possible. There is definitely going to be massive damage after this one passes. Hell, they should evac as many as possible from the whole island! They very young and old should go to the home islands for sure.

thanks for keeping us posted Fred

looks like Sanba is weakening and won’t hit Okinawa with the force as predicted before (Cat 3 instead of 4)

also looks like it will be a good bit weaker by the time it gets to Korea! This is very good news!

Typhoon Sanba continues to move towards Okinawa but has stated to weaken.


Im in Okpo now!

[QUOTE=bnhpr;82631]Im in Okpo now![/QUOTE]

What’s happening there?

is this tropical storm going to be a typhoon or hurricane?
What is the situation? is there are closed ports there?

Is there are development on these?
What is the situation? Are the ports in the vicinity closed and is the maritime transport interrupted