Two Maersk Supply Vessels Sink En Route to Scrapyard


In other words, the tug crew drank the company Kool aid and had a massive fucking ego.


In other words, a vague collection of office people that screwed around with this for four months didn’t have a clue.

The crew can be read two ways: 1. They knew better but needed work so kept their mouths shut; or 2. They were arrogant Scandanavians without a clue, bu they that thought they knew it all.


We have only heard of two instances EVER of this side by side towing, both of which predictably ended up a total disaster.


Maersk Supply Service is one of the largest Offshore companies working worldwide, with a fleet of 44 top of the line vessels in both the AHT/AHTS and CSV segments of the business:

Their vessels fly different flags and have crews from many different countries, but they have one thing in common; the Maersk training and safety culture:

They had a stupid accident here, but they do have a good safety record and very good reputation in the world.
Do not mistake them as being some low quality, “cheap is good” kind of company who build cheap ships, hire the cheapest crew available and run maintenance on a shoe string budget.
On the contrary, they go for the best, but are very meticulous in checking that they get what they pay for, which many shipyards and equipment manufacturers have learnt to their peril.

I have been dealing with Maersk Supply and Maersk Drilling for many years and at different levels but have never had any problem with them. (If anything, they have been too safety conscious)
That is why I’m so amazed that this slipped through the normal checks and balances. (???)