Trapped ships

Do the tugs tow their barges on the hip in harbor? Its been a while since I’ve seen the sugar barge heading up to Yonkers, I don’t recall if they were in a notch or not.

If they do bring the VB-10000 in it will be interesting to see how they maneuver it into place to straddle the bridge wreckage.

What is her air draft?

I don’t think VB-10000 will fit under the Bay Bridge. I’m sure they can take it apart and reassemble it on the other side but by that time the cranes already on site will likely have the channel open.

And they’ll need cranes to take it apart and reassemble it as well taking them away from the bridge work.

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According to an old gcaptain article, the VB 10,000 has an air draft of 240 feet.

Although google wants to confuse the bridge at Annapolis with the bridge tunnel, it appears that the vertical clearance of the Annapolis Bay Bridge is 186 feet.


It ain’t just google:

Read through the thread and you’ll see there’s others not taking that into account.

Yet some Twitter users are saying we should be having cranes from China and the Netherlands cross oceans and canals to get there.

I really am shocked at the tweets coming out of a couple “maritime experts” that regular this forum/gcaptain. I’m no expert myself, but I can poke holes in a quite a few points being made.


Haha, you aren’t the only one poking holes.

It’s almost like they are hyping things up to get more “clicks”.

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I am not familiar with the term “air draft”, can someone enlighten me?

The vertical distance from the waterline to an overhead obstrucion.

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Thank you. Appreciate it. I learned somerhing.

That’s vertical clearance.

Air draft is the distance from the waterline to the top of the mast or antenna

You’re right. Thanks for the correction. Using airdraft instead of clearance is a missnomer.

Simple way to explain;
Max. draft of a vessel = what is below water to the deepest point,
Air draft = what is above water to the highest point.

Here is the latest news that goes along with my original post. Not beating a dead horse, just found this interesting. :laughing: 2 Cutters Stuck in Coast Guard Maintenace Yard After Key Bridge Collapse - USNI News