Training for MEBA deck officers

In a post discussing OSG and the current deck union talks, there seemed to be confusion over where MEBA deck officers can get training. Or a fear that if deck officers joined MEBA, less training would be available to them than, say AMO. This could not be further from the truth. Deck MEBA members can get a long list of classes at MEBA’s cost at MEBA’s Calhoun school or MITAGS (MMPs school) or at any USCG-approved school that offers a similar class (called an alternative location). This includes lodging, food, and even pension credit for days getting alternative location training, all covered by the training plan. If you get trained at Calhoun you also get travel reimbursed.

Yes, you can pick your hotels and school. The Deck Officer is reimbursed up to the cost for tuition food and lodging at MITAGS. However, if you exceed that amount, you will pay the difference. (So the difference at that 5 star hotel in downtown Ft Lauderdale, vs MITAGS housing is on you). Only catch is you don’t get paid travel like going to Calhoun.

Anyhow, I thought this deserved its post as it is good info but off-subject from the other thread.