Towboat Sinks in Ohio River


Towboat Sinks in Ohio River

Posted Thursday, December 10, 2009 ; 05:42 AM |
Updated Thursday, December 10, 2009; 08:58 AM

[B]High winds and waves overtook the boat on the river near Chester.[/B]

Story by Stacy Rich

CHESTER – The crew is safe after a a towboat sank on the Ohio River Wednesday, Dec. 9.

According to the Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Pittsburgh, the investigation is under way into the sinking near Chester.

The vessel Sam S., owned by Georgetown Sand and Gravel, sank after high waves because of high winds overtook the vessel.

The Coast Guard said the pilot of the Sam S. was in the water for a short time and was rescued by a nearby towboat.

The sunken boat remains in the Ohio River, and the Coast Guard reported there is approximately 500 gallons of fuel on board.

According to the Coast Guard, the owner of the boat is taking steps to mitigate the pollution from the fuel.

The Coast Guard has issued an advisory about the sunken boat to all mariners.

via The State Journal


How high a wave can you have on the Ohio river???



3FT max? If your not use to it, it can be devastating. Detroit River is the same way.


I’ll wager that the watertight hatches were left open.


On that day they are saying to have had 14 on lake st clair and other rivers were 4-5 feet swell and small tugs not sure how big this one was easyly take waves over the stern most likely there is more to this story