TOTE Maritime - Aaron Needs a Job

Anybody who watches Fast N Loud on Discovery knows Aaron Kaufman. He has a new show now that is all about him looking for a new job. It’s not fantastic, but on last nights episode he was on a TOTE ship in Tacoma helping out. Hard to hear him spout all of these safety facts and numbers knowing all of the shenanigans that has gone on there lately.

A new take on Dirty Jobs? Sorry, it isn’t the same without the unique personality of Mike Rowe.


Did he shave his beard? Hows he gonna be able to be on a fire team with that beard? lol

I watched it yesterday. . . it was okay. He never really joined the crew on the Tote vessel but did speak with the Captain and CE, as well as have a look at the engineering and propulsion system; but spent more time with the longshoremen. Then he went onto a tug that undocked the Tote vessel. Nice look at some EMDs. . . except I would never start them with the top deck covers open. I am guessing that was for TV. . . .

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Really only possible at idle. We only did it to make black light check of top deck for fuel leaks, one done open at a time. Too messy otherwise.

I’ve black light checked at idle but the best method is with the engine shut down and pressurize the rail with the hand priming pump.

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Yeah, exactly. I would open the inboard forward top deck cover when pre-lubing before blow down, making sure I had oil to the camshaft bearings. I would always start the engine with the covers closed, and then open them up when at idle and warm, to dummy fire all of the injectors and to finger check the lash adjusters. . . .

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