TMA Grad Looking for Advice Regarding Employment (Shore Side vs Sailing)

Any operations job is going to have you missing these things especially early on, there’s no way around it, running a 24/7 operation of any kind is a miserable job in a lot of ways.

upon graduation you’ll be qualified for sea. I’d sail some while you’re young and qualified but keep in touch with the nuke opportunity till you see which way she rolls.

Coming home from work and having enough time to eat dinner, shower, and sleep with hardly any left over isn’t “quality time”. The weekends and holidays are the closest thing you get to quality time and that’s only 110 days a year total. Take two weeks off vacation and you’re up to 124 days. (When I’ve done a normal work schedule I hardly considered weekends quality time but some people are actually able to enjoy them somehow.)

In the summer when school is out I have all day every day to spend with my kids at the pool and beach. Spontaneous vacations whenever I want, etc. Definitely more quality time, just at the expense of missing a few holidays at home.

I’m not in this position but I disagree. Id rather have my dad home for dinner every night than have him home for three months every three months. There is a lot that can happen between getting home and going to bed, like watching your kid play baseball, reading bedtime stories, helping with math homework.

Even without kids there while sailing there isnt a lot of room to join a rec leauge, take dance classes, make new friends. Because most of the country isnt sailing, there are a lot of “after-work” activities.

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I guess that also depends on your work: in office, hybrid or remote. I haven’t seen the inside of an office in 4 years.

I’d have to disagree with this as well.

Before I had kids, I liked the long rotations. Wife didn’t mind it and we had a good time when I was home.

After kids? I love being home everyday to be able to take them to school or pick them up or whatever. Yea, when I’m working I may not be able to, but the days that I am, it’s like some stolen time I got back.

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The hall will be there in 2 years and it won’t be vastly more difficult than now to get out for a new 3ae. Lots of boomers have left. Also, if he doesn’t like power plants, he can hit the hall with a pocket full of money and live life a bit better while trying to ship out.

Update: I landed the Nuke job for sure, took some time to read the benefits package and not a day later, NRG sold out the contract and the RO’s told me on a personal phone call “it is not a good time to join, there is rumors of cutbacks, and downsizing, as well as outsourcing RO positions”

Like clockwork, that afternoon I was offered a Research Associate position, and a paid for PHD in Nuclear Engineering, (probably one of the connections I made trying to keep me in the Nuke Loop, while things are unsure at the plant).

Anyways, all of this aside I decided to just sign up with MEBA, and ship. I am passionate about it, and I want to do it. My friends are killing it, and my whole family is in this industry, soooo I am confident I can make a fine living in this industry.

Thanks for all of the feedback, and I am excited to start my life at Sea :slight_smile:

I appreciate the advice and if anyone has any other advice, I am all ears

Follow your heart and dreams. Family life is so important. It all goes by too fast.